Chamonix Meeting 20th June 2018

The Chamonix meeting took place this evening with no real insight to progress.

According to Chamonix BDW Trading are not being particularly proactive in handing area’s over or completing outstanding works in common areas.

With the lack of transfers forecast to be made during the first half of 2018 not even started, Chamonix have concluded that they will not need to spend the entire budget this year and a credit will be made to each account.

My understanding is that you won’t receive a refund, but it will be deducted from next years service charge.

A number of residents raised concerns with regards to the state of the roads on the development and the storage of building material in the lay-by’s causing safety issues due to reduced visibility. Chamonix have agreed to pass on those comments to BDW Trading however they aren’t confident that they will get any response.

Chamonix are conducting six weekly inspections but encourage residents to raise concerns to ensure nothing is missed.

Another meeting will be arranged during the latter part of the year, hopefully BDW Trading will attend this time and give us a better understanding of their close-out programme.

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  1. I was away so not able to attend the meeting. Many of us are concerned that the new play area near the Community centre will be left in a poor condition. It is so flooded when it rains that it needs major work on drainage. Any idea if this will be fixed before the builders leave the site? Many thanks .

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