Future of MPRA

Over the last nine months we’ve achieved far more than many residents associations achieve in their entire existence.

We’ve challenged Barratts’ and David Wilson and been instrumentally involved in ensuring the service charge is appropriate, fair and suitable to maintain the development to a good standard.

Our account manager at Chamonix has changed three times since our inception. MPRA has ensured continuity in resolving open issues are maintained.

Our future is to be decided by our members, we are not here to preside over the development and we can’t get involved in individual issues. We are able to ensure that expectations are being met and hold those employed to service the development to account.

Our Treasurer Amy Logue has agreed to lead a social committee starting with a small children event for Christmas; I hope you will agree this will bring an element of community and fun to the development.

Next year the Community building will open, along with the new adventure playground and cricket ground. We have a lot to look forward to and opportunities to maximise the benefits for all.

At the 2018 AGM in February we will take a vote on whether or not to continue. I have no doubt in my mind that it is worth our time. I will also propose that there are new roles added to the executive committee, these will be openly discussed in the new year before being opened up for nomination.

In order to continue we will need to start covering some of the running costs. At the moment meetings are being held in the houses of the executive committee and the website is privately funded by one member. This isn’t going to be possible in year two. We don’t need a large sum of money to keep things running, no more than £750 for next year. Full accounts will be kept and published annually. There are 533 houses on the development, if the cost was split evenly would equate to less than £1.50 each. We all know that getting people to pay is a different story so we’ve decided to run a crowd funding campaign rather than demanding money from members.

The campaign will start from today and end on 3rd January 2018. I hope you will help us to continue to help you.

Just Giving – Marston Park – Crowd Funding Campaign

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