Chamonix – Revisited

Last night (Thursday 16th November 2017) the executive committee of MPRA met with Adrian Povey (Managing Director) and Ross McSavaney (Team Manager) of Chamonix to try and progress the outstanding issues.

Adrian and Ross apologised for how Chamonix represented themselves at the last meeting (05/10/2017) owing to a number of personnel changes, leading to a lack of understanding of the complexities our development has. They assured us that going forward we would have their full attention to ensure smooth operations.

Marston Park (Marston Moretaine) Man Co. Ltd (Management Company) is the company responsible for the maintenance of the non-adopted areas (by Central Bedfordshire Council).  On completion of the purchase from Barratt Homes, owners became members of the company; each member having one vote. While BDW Trading Ltd are still constructing the development they retain control of the management company, however it will fall to owners once the development is complete. Chamonix are appointed as the maintenance provider for the management company.

Owners who bought from David Wilson are in a slightly different situation whereby they didn’t automatically become members of the management company. However a solution to harmonise David Wilson owners with Barratt owners has been found and will be communicated to those affected directly in the coming weeks.

The meeting last night centred around the open issue of identifying the budget and obligation to pay the service charge. We are now confident that the issues have been resolved and Chamonix will be contacting each owner directly with an individual statement.

Each owner’s account will be different owing to some having access to other facilities, such as car parks, car ports etc. The budgets from previous years have been in excess of what was necessary. The forecast budget for 2018 has taken this in to consideration and has been reduced in the majority of cases. The intention is to reconcile all monies paid for the years 2016/2017 and deduct any amounts not used from the 2018 demand, due in December.

In addition to sorting out the budget and accounts Chamonix have confirmed that the land adjacent to the forestry centre has been handed back to O&H and no longer requires maintenance, this is a significant saving to the management company.

In addition Chamonix have also received competitive quotations for the grounds maintenance which will further minimise the cost  exposure to the management company and in turn to the annual budget.

It has been a long road to get to this point but we hope you will be satisfied that our efforts have ensured you pay a fair share of the maintenance and that we’ve worked on your behalf to reduce the cost.

It should be noted that in 2019 the service charge is likely to increase, there will be a new large play area in the northern end of the development and areas not currently handed over will have been by then. 2018 should be seen as a settling year, the majority of the development will be complete and most of the homes occupied. The setting of the 2019 budget will have the advantage of historical information to make an educated assessment on the real cost of maintenance and will benefit from greater accuracy.

As an aside you may have seen the Chamonix van on site from time to time. Steve is the team leader and is very helpful and approachable please raise any general observations with him.

If you would like to accompany the account manager on their six weekly inspections either for yourself or on behalf of MPRA please get in touch using the contact us page and we can get this arranged.

If you need to raise a more specific, time critical issue please contact the help desk at Chamonix on: 0207 100 6025

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